Performances create an undeniable energy that vibrates through creator, performer, and audience. Each person in that loop might have a different perspective, but no one is unaffected.

When I perform, whether I’m singing on an international stage or dancing in my living room, the energy vibrates in me a euphoria - I am alive and connected to all things.

I explore performance through music, theater, and photography. Some of my more memorable performance moments are listed on this page. I’d love to tell you more about my past, or even better, I’d love to collaborate for performance in the future.



notable performances

The Sweet M’s Co-founded female trio and performed throughout the United Arab Emirates including for international dignitaries at the U.S. Ambassador Holiday Party in the UAE and opened for and collaborated with International Recording Band at Tribeca Club in Dubai. 

Waleed Shah Photography  “The girl with no hair” photo shoot and personal essay.

National Symphony Chorus of the United Arab Emirates  Performed at the Emirates Palace Theater stage with the National Orchestra

Legally Blonde, The Musical in Abu Dhabi. Cheerleader as supporting role and chorus.

Vocal Essence Sang with world renowned artists including Sweet Honey in the Rock, Hannibal Lokumbe, and Andre Thomas

Placebase Productions, Co-Lead in experimental, historical theater in Granite Falls, MN. Placebase is a nationally, highly regarded organization. It tackles important social, economic, and historic stories in rural America, and also ignites community space and gathering. It was co-founded by Ashley Hanson and Andrew Gaylord.  

The Concordia Choir National Tour for world renowned composer and director, Rene Clausen