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I believe Sustainability is a Mindset we have the freedom to choose, and I’m activating the world I want to live in.

From Detroit to LA and Abu Dhabi to Madrid, I travel the planet, creating, inspiring, and celebrating communities who live with Sustainable Mindsets. I connect the energy of each community to weave an organic web of sharing and doing together. 

I’ve spoken about sustainability, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship on stages and in interviews for audiences of all ages. I’d be thrilled to share my voice with your audience






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My experience at your [Sustainability as your Mindset] event was life-changing, as cliche as that is to say. During your lecture, I felt as if I couldn’t write down enough. Everything you had to say made complete sense to me, and I connected with your theory like it was a missing piece to my thought process....I know I’ll continue this way of thinking as I continue my graduate studies and as I move forward in starting my businesses.
— Jolynn, student and sustainability believer, Fargo, ND
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sustainability is your mindset

Sustainability is the balance of things, and you and your passions are designed to fit. Unfortunately, we are inundated with messages that we’re not doing enough and it is hard work. Overtime, this creates a mindset rooted in doubt which can hold back true impact. In this theme, I help heal that mindset by offering a crash-course in the meaning of Sustainability (it’s more than the products we use,) and I guide you through my custom 8 Limbed Mindset Approach. This approach is developed from more than 10 years of studying and creating sustainability projects across the world. Through this method, you explore your personal passion, needs of your community, and experience the creative flow and inspiration for leading a more sustainable and balanced life, while pursuing your truth.

starting your do-good business

Starting a business is exciting and scary, and when you add in a social cause, things can feel that much more complicated. In this theme, I guide you through some of the very “firsts” that entrepreneurs and creators come across, including first money spent, your “yes,” and first sale. I draw on my experience from 7 years as a social entrepreneur, prior work with a venture capital attorney, and examples from the communities, panels, and workshops I’ve led and participated in across the world. By looking at the wide range of “firsts,” the questions of “what do I do first?” becomes a lot less scary and allows you to share your unique outlook and gift with the world with less hesitation and fear.


some Interesting experiences

  • Turning down an offer for acquisition after 6 months of false promises.

  • Community Action with planting trees in Spain, creating a health fair and insurance support event in Detroit, co-sponsoring health trips to Central America, and more.

  • Being a female in Manufacturing and the process of building a U.S. supply chain built on principles of sustainability.

  • The inhale and exhale of opportunities and phases. How my 15+ years of Yoga influences my leadership and vision.

  • Born in North Dakota, now a Global Citizen between U.S., Europe, and Middle East.

  • Exploring early designs and manufacturing in China only to find our design sold to other factories, and knocked off around the world.

  • Raising oversubscribed capital round in Consumer Goods.

  • Facilitating and Consulting sustainability for projects including a hipster restaurant in a small, rural town, an elaborate backyard garden, and a 100% local food concept.



I felt a definite feeling of lightness after the workshop. The way you expanded the subject of Sustainability, the 8 headings you used and the questions you asked and the order you asked them in as we were journaling really helped to clarify my thinking around my passion, and actually helped me to start thinking about what steps I would need to practically take to actually start reaching for the reality of my dream. Phrasing it in the context of sustainability added a new dimension I hadn’t thoughts percolated so that later that day, I was able to journal more around the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you!
— Jay, yoga teacher and public servant, Abu Dhabi
I felt both grounded in my vision/passion as well as inspired to think about my future goal in diverse & innovative ways. I am a visual learner and felt supported in the creative ways that Heather set up the space, (influential books, poster board to clarify the talking points, journaling, even a musical instrument!) I left with a buzz of excitement and I would definitely recommend Heather’s work!
— Kat, teen mental health professional and racial injustice advocate, Michigan