Yoga is the practice of life. It teaches me that by being present and honoring my body, I can connect with my true Self.

The yoga mat is a space to move and breathe with a rhythm that seeks to balance strength and surrender. The stuff we do on our mats creates habits that guide us when we take our Yoga off the mat, and into the world.

I met Yoga in 2005 and in 2013 I started guiding other students’ practices. I’ve found a niche guiding talented creatives and passionate leaders. Through yoga, I help people focus their energy, shed layers of stress, and find moments of clarity and light.


My teaching

My jam is what I call Power & Presence.

Heather’s uplifting and pleasant personality reflects her classes. She oozes compassion and happiness in each session I have practiced of hers. Her classes are always loved and oh so popular! Heather remains one of my favourite teachers to work with and practice from in my 15 years of practice.
— Tasha, @yogavibesbytash, Founder of The Hot House, mother, yogi

Notable Study

Notable teachers: Jason Crandell, Kathryn Budig, Tina Bock, Tymi Howard, Andrea Marcum, Alexandria Crow, and others.

Styles and Traditions: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin, Hatha, Bikram, and Iyengar

If it matters to you, I’m E-RYT certified.

From my very first Heather class, I instantly connected with her loving and vibrant energy.  She is a yoga teacher who teaches more than just asanas or techniques.  Through her life, you can learn how to turn beliefs into action and make the world a better place. She continuously transmits experiences, thoughts and energy through her yoga teaching and her life.
— Mina, Owner of YogaOne studio, Abu Dhabi
Heather’s classes are intense, fun and invigorating.  The playlists are always inspiring and provide an awesome backdrop for what will be a very challenging and fast-moving flow class...  Heather brings big smiles and a positive attitude to every class and her energy really helps push you through the tough parts of class (and you will need it!).  I highly recommend making Heather’s classes a regular part of your yoga practice!!!
— Mike - a finance and communications guy who has spent over a decade working on Wall Street and also 5 years in Abu Dhabi.
Thank you for teaching the class that made me commit to yoga! I went to yoga class when I was falling apart....I’m still far from perfect, but you helped me cultivate the self confidence that I lost. I love your classes and I still think you play the best music!
— Julia, student, Detroiter
Heather is the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had! I’ve been practicing yoga for over two years, and Heather has helped me learn so much and grow in my practice. She has a huge heart and you can really tell she really cares about her students. You’ll leave every class feeling like you’ve accomplished something new, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced student.
Heather’s method of practice where you focus on the same core muscle groups for a few weeks before you move onto another is genius. It really allows you to focus on each pose while feeling calmer and more relaxed. Her perceptiveness only helps this process and she watches you grow over time. She’s not above helping you go deeper into a pose, because she’s learned your strengths and what you’re capable of - even if you don’t know it yet!
— Kristen, environmental engineer, yogini, Detroiter
Heather’s classes provide the perfect space for me to practice yoga in a way that works for me. They aren’t overly spiritual that would make a beginner feel out of place, but they make space for me to bring the spiritual side of my practice into the sessions while also stretching the limits of my physical body. This is rare and I jump at any chance I get to take a class with this strong and peace-filled woman.
— Lane, non-profit background in Detroit, now a flight crew member seeing the world